Low entropy - another uprising

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High-entropy alloys were originally proposed to benefit from phase stabilization through configurational entropy maximization. Yet, in our current work, motivated by recent work that relaxes the strict restrictions on high-entropy alloy compositions by demonstrating the weakness of this connection, the concept is overturned. We decrease phase stability to achieve two key benefits: interface hardening due to a dual-phase microstructure (resulting from reduced thermal stability of the high-temperature phase; and transformation-induced hardening (resulting from the reduced mechanical stability of the room-temperature phase. This combines the best of two worlds: extensive hardening due to the decreased phase stability known from advanced steels and massive solid-solution strengthening of high-entropy alloys. In our transformation-induced plasticity-assisted, dual-phase high-entropy alloy (TRIP-DP-HEA), these two contributions lead respectively to enhanced  trans-grain and inter-grain slip resistance, and hence, increased strength. Moreover, the increased strain hardening capacity that is enabled by dislocation hardening of the stable phase and transformation-induced hardening of the metastable phase produces increased ductility. This combined increase in strength and ductility distinguishes the TRIP-DP-HEA alloy from other  recently developed structural materials. This metastabilityengineering

Entropy is a notion used to describe the amount of disorder (or randomness) in a system. The basic principle is this: high disorder equals high entropy , while order ...

Low Entropy - Another UprisingLow Entropy - Another UprisingLow Entropy - Another UprisingLow Entropy - Another Uprising