Country rosi - konturen

The music of Rosi Golan, a songwriter from Brooklyn, is such that it makes us believe even more in the clanging of our gears and the quickening of those strange little hearts of ours. They wear their eccentricities and good intentions well. She captures the way we are when we're struggling with our longings and our loneliness, when we're unable to get back down to sleep at night, sick and racing with the horrible worry that we're loving or being loved wrong. It's a worry that stems back to those hearts, to those decisions made in the darkness of those red chambers. We blame them, sometimes, we sure do, those fools, and yet they have no choice but to continue acting as exactly as they always have acted. If they are to deviate at all from the norm, damage is done. Golan can remind us that we are in the game of love for the long haul. It can be a load and an unwieldy sentence, but it would take all that we could muster to ignore that having this as a constant factor is as beautifully reassuring as anything we could imagine.